The service provider:

          Singapore is a country which is quoted as an example for all things that every country should learn from or emulate. what they lack in landmass they make up in development in all fields. The Singapore authorities have several regulations that the companies in the country should follow and one among them is the appointment of the corporate secretary. All companies in the country must have the position in their list or at least take the services of a private services provider. The country’s accounting and corporate regulatory authority or ACRA for short has given the guidelines that every company must appoint a corporate secretary n order to maintain the corporate rules and regulations especially the statutory rules and regulations which they have to follow on all accounts. If appointing a full time corporate secretary makes you think twice then, taking the assistance from a corporate secretary service provider becomes necessary and it would be the best choice for you. There are several functions that a corporate secretary has to carry out and they will be able to do it for you efficiently.

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Salient features:

  • The service provider has taken all the important aspects of the appointment into consideration and the requirements that are expected from the corporate secretary. They are very much client oriented and they charge very reasonably.
  • The charges for the services is about 500 dollars for an entire year which is a very small amount to pay for the most important service that you are about to receive.
  • They carry out a huge list of services for the corporate that they work for and the list includes the filing of the records and creation of the required documents, the starting of a new bank account, creating awareness about the constitutional requirements that are put forth by the authorities, the establishment of the statutory services and the arrangements that are required on the matter.
  • They are able to assist you in preparing the minutes of the annual general meeting or the AGM which is very essential for every company as they have to conduct these meetings on a regular basis every year.
  • They carry out the maintenance of the company share certificates, they are able to sign in the necessary documents that are needed for the professional corporate issues, they work on the timely update of the rules and regulations that take place from time to time and keep you abreast of the new developments.
  • The corporate secretary service also work on auto filling of the documents and reminders and they also assist in the courier services for the company all of which are available at a very reasonable cost for you.