About Grief Counselling Singapore

Grief counselling singapore with many years of experience of their staff offers families the utmost services. Their staff helps the families to plan and make arrangements for their loved one’s passing in a very beneficent way. Not only this, their staffs are well aware of all kinds of religious ceremonies which makes the passing of once loved one very peaceful. Their honest and staff commitment to this type of work help families and friends observe the passing of their loved ones with complete peace of mind.

This service was established in 1995 with the purpose to provide families with unforgettable experiences by providing them with remarkable services. These services are also offered to families from different backgrounds and pious beliefs. With the introduction of this service in the industry, it becomes a one-stop solution for funeral services as it is available round the clock.

What are their charges?

grief counselling singapore

Their charges are transparent and inventory with the motto “pay for what you use” approach. They do not have any hidden charges or any type of other taxes levied by the Government. A dignified departure is no longer costly and services to help anyone at this difficult time. This service is well equipped with the latest vehicles to ensure for someone’s loved ones travel respectfully manner. Above all this service believe in giving back to society and hence offers free-of-charge cases at nursing homes and emergency case as everyone deserves a distinguished funeral.

The principal of this service is to ensure to serve anyone with respect, honesty, the merit of the case, and humanity to stand out with our honest and transparent pricing policy. That’s why services on funeral package pages for different religions, this service have gone the extra mile to list down not just the package price, but also every item that is included in the package. Utilizing this service one will never have to worry about being overcharged or the hidden charges during times of grief.

The mission of This Service

This service plays a major role in ensuring all Singaporean families to able to give their deceased loved ones a noble funeral as services fulfill both criteria i.e professional and affordable. Losing loved ones can be an emotional phenomenon that gives a stressful experience, and this service is there to share the burdens of a family whose loved one passed away.

As Christians, it is believed that death is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a new life with our God in Paradise. While grief is an inevitable situation at any funeral, we hope to bring the love of Christ with helping and reconciliation to grieving families.