Expertise and customer service are best combined at a dealership.

Every vehicle that comes through dealership doors is treated to the best possible standards by mechanics who receive factory training for specific models. After meeting with a service adviser, your car will be assigned car dealership construction services to a mechanic with the appropriate tools and techniques. All technicians receive ongoing training to stay up to date with the latest procedures to maintain your car in top condition, and each knows the quirks of your specific model.

The manufacturer’s specifications are always met when replacing broken or faulty parts with OE parts. To save money, it’s common for an independent shop to purchase OE parts, but they can be car dealership construction services of inferior quality and have a limited lifespan. OE parts meet the standards set forth by the vehicle manufacturer. Each part meets the manufacturer’s standards if you receive an OE repair from a dealership.

A warranty typically covers repairs made by dealerships using original equipment parts for up to 12 months or 12,000 miles, so there may be no repair bills for the first year following your purchase. A labor warranty is also available at some dealerships to provide extra peace of mind. If a repair fails, your car can be fixed free of charge at any affiliated dealership.

car dealership construction services

If you choose a dealership over an independent shop, you can save a significant amount of money, including free repairs for the duration of your original warranty. An extended warranty may cover certain parts and repairs. Manufacturers sometimes discover problems unique to certain makes, models, or years of cars and offer a special repair warranty to fix those problems. You’re likely to find out about these warranties if you encounter them.

In addition to being able to perform repairs for free, the dealership needs all the information about the repairs. A dealership has a distinct advantage when it comes to space. Due to their large lot sizes, they can work on multiple vehicles simultaneously and have more repair bays than independent mechanics. With a larger staff size, more mechanics can perform servicing and repairs at the same time.

A dealership may offer you an extra “perk” if it offers additional facilities, such as onsite car washes, so when you pick up your vehicle, it will not only be running better but also look clean and shiny. Dealers can find problems with modern systems more quickly because of their access to the latest information and the ability to obtain new tools when released.