How to Prepare for A Logistic Storage

The logistics industry is highly competitive and complex. Shippers, carriers, distributors and freight forwarders are all vying for limited capacity in an environment of shrinking global trade volumes. One of the most difficult challenges for logistics companies today is “getting the right box on the right truck at the right time.

Logistical storage is a form of storage and retail industry activity whereby smaller commodities are stored together under one roof in order to facilitate transit by road, rail, sea and air using a variety of transportation modes.


There are many ways to look for a good location. The most common way is to visit the place and scout it out. A good place should have enough space, in an easily accessible location, with a lot of lighting, parking space, water and power supply. Some people look at aerial photos to find the right place but this can be expensive. If you do not have the facility to do this then you can ask other truckers for advice or ask a storage consultant to help you find a suitable location for your business.


The ideal space is one big enough to store goods and small enough to put in a vehicle and drive to customers. If the space is too small then you will have to build an annexe or buy more produce. In a warehouse there are no rules of thumb. You can have some extra sheds and store them there, but you should make sure that you have enough space for your stock.

Logistic Storage


In order for your storage business to go smoothly, it is important that security measures are in place from the beginning of operation. One of the most important thing is to ensure that a high level of security is maintained at all times. At no point should goods be exposed to thieves or any other unwanted people.

Storage room size

Underground storage should have standard sizes to allow for easy and organized almacén logístico. The space can be used according to the goods you store, but it is normal that the space would not spare enough to hold more than one truck.


One thing you will need to ensure at the beginning of your operation is the type of transportation that you are going to use to get your goods from one place to another. This will also depend on which area you will be operating in. If rain is expected for example, then it would be ideal for good cars but if it does not rain then a truck may be more suitable for the job.