Know More About The Australian Citizenship Application Online

Are you living in Australia and looking for permanent citizenship? However, getting Australian citizenship is not a tough task as it seems to be. If your application gets successful, then you will receive an invitation toan Australian citizenship ceremony.

Ways to become a citizen of Australia

  • By birth: – If you are born in the land of Australia and one of your parents is a permanent residential citizen of Australia.
  • By descent: – If you are not born in Australia but are an Australian citizen. You will be granted citizenship in Australia.
  • By grant: – If you are not a citizen of Australia nor you are born in the land of Australia, you can apply for an australian citizenship application online.

If you are getting Australian citizenship this means that you know the responsibility towards Australia. You know and understand the laws, traditions, culture, and rules of Australia. Australian citizenship has several benefits such as you came to know about its geography, lifestyle, tradition, cuisine, and many more.

australian citizenship application online

Requirements for an Australian citizenship

For becoming a permanent Australian citizen, you have to satisfy some requirements such as: –

  • You need to have a permanent resident in Australia.
  • You should submit the requirements for permanent residence.
  • You should have passed the character and health requirements that are set by the Australian government.
  • You should know English.
  • You should have the will to maintain a close association with Australia.
  • You should have basic knowledge about the obligations of being an Australian citizen.

Residential requirements: –

  • You need to stay in Australia for at least a minimum of four years with a valid Australian visa before filling out an Australian citizenship application online.
  • A permanent resident over 60 years.
  • Partner of an Australian person.

Privileges, you will get as an Australian citizen

After you get Australian citizenship, you have several privileges such as: –

  • You can give a vote in Federal, territory, or state elections or a referendum.
  • You can apply for the Australian public service and defense force.
  • You can get help from the Australian government.
  • You can also register citizenship for your children who are born overseas by the use of descent.
  • You can stand for Parliament elections.
  • You can live and travel without any restrictions made for non-Australian citizens.

Citizenship Test

All applicants have to pass this citizenship test to get an Australian citizenship certificate. This test is based on the knowledge of Australian history, values, laws, and society. This test also checks the applicants’ understanding of English.