The advantages of trading with cryptocurrencies: everything you need to know

Digital currencies are within everyone’s reach and the benefits of trading with cryptocurrencies are innumerable, but most of the people.

Is buying cryptocurrencies worthwhile?

The main advantages of crypto trading are certainly the following:

The growing adoption of blockchains in many aspects of everyday life.

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly.

Exchanges are becoming safer and easier to use

Owning some cryptocurrency can increase diversification . If you believe that the use of cryptocurrency will become more and more widespread in the future, then you should probably buy crypto.

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Most promising cryptocurrencies

The most promising cryptocurrencies are those with a well-developed project and whose blockchain brings significant advantages, such as transparency or low environmental impact.

Zero commission trading: risks and benefits of the “democratization” of finance

For some years now we have been witnessing the advent of zero-commission brokers. Intermediaries who have built an innovative business model, targeting the large slice of retail investors hitherto penalized by the financial industry. While previously brokers asked for minimum deposits of thousands of dollars or double-digit commissions, today we are faced with a wide choice of intermediaries who give away (as a welcome bonus) shares to new members.

This has led to another great revolution, after that of ETFs, in a very conservative and exclusive sector like the financial one. Zero commission brokers have allowed millions of small savers to start investing primarily in stocks, etfs and options.

This forced democratization of the markets also presents numerous risks, first of all the lack of financial education. The platforms of these brokers are built specifically for a young clientele and therefore are very smart apps that, through gamification, make the user experience extremely simple and pleasant. As if it were a game.

Probably the negative 730 thousand dollars was due to the margin required by the positions in options and therefore did not represent a real debt or negative balance; therefore, he made the extreme gesture due to the lack of financial education.

Thanks to the easy access to the financial markets, various forums of investors, or rather speculators, were also born at the same time as the brokers.