Tips to Follow Before You Start the HVAC System

During the scorching summer heat, HVAC systems are the only answer to our troubles. Nowadays, most homes boast heating and cooling systems. If you want your home system to keep you cool throughout the summer, then you have come to the right place.

During the colder months, your cooling system stays off. You don’t want it to incur any damages, which may lead to it going away for repair during the crisp summer. You can prevent repairing costs by checking up on the system visually and physically from time to time.

Check the Thermostat – Is your current Thermostat not usable anymore? You can bring home a new thermostat with programmable controls which ensure both energy efficiency and money-saving.

Check Uncovered Ducts for Wear and Tear – If the exposed ducts of your HVAC system have suffered wear and tear, it can lead to loss of cooling.

Check Vents for Obstruction – Check the air vents and ensure that nothing is standing in the way of airflow.

Check the Drain Line – The Drain line is located near the indoor cooling coil and tends to become clogged over time. Thankfully, you can clean them up with water and chlorine.

Change the Air Filter – Before the heating or cooling season kickstarts, it is essential to change the air filter. Manufacturers recommend that you change it every three months.

Check the Circuits – Inspect the circuits to ensure that all the electrical connections are turned on.

Inspect the Condensing Unit Outside – Clean the area around the condensing unit as stored leaves, dirt, and debris can block the inside components of the AC.

Check for Wear and Tear on External Wiring – In case of wear and tear of wires, contact a professional immediately.

Inspect the Refrigerant Lines – The refrigerant lines transfer refrigerant from condensing unit to the evaporator coil. Proper insulation of these lines ensures system efficiency. Please get the help of a professional technician to get them insulated.

Know When Your HVAC System Has Run its Course – If you have been using your HVAC system for over a decade and have to seek professional help from time to time, it is time to replace the system. Also, new research suggests that you can save more energy by getting a brand new HVAC system. The newer methods have been developed keeping in mind the needs of the energy-conscious population and significantly improve older systems.

To Sum Up 

Did you know that you can keep your energy bills under control by increasing the temperature on the Thermostat by a few degrees? The last thing you want on a hot day is to turn on the AC and watch it do nothing. Generally, they tend not to respond because of a lack of care.

Thus, please make sure to follow all the tips mentioned above. Also, contact the professionals for any HVAC repair San Antonio, ranging from the insulation of refrigerant lines to wire fixing.