What is Lego Serious Play and How can it help you?

If you are looking at building your system to improve business, you can make use of a tool that is designed to increase business performance and innovation. This tool is the Lego serious play.

The lego serious play workshop participants develop communication skills that help them in being more effective at work, immerse their vision more readily, approach work with enhanced confidence, insight, and commitment.

The Essence 

The Lego serious play technique is an exceptionally facilitated meeting. It helps you communicate and solve problems effectively in which partakers are led by a sequel of questions that probe deep into the content. Every participant created his 3D lego representation responding to the questions posed by the facilitator using the most suitable lego elements. The 3D models conform to group discussions, problem-solving, decision-making, and knowledge sharing.

This method improves the problem-solving skills of groups. By using this auditor, kinesthetic and visual skills, this technique needs participants to listen and learn. It gives a voice to all the participants. The lego serious play attends to shared languages irrespective of position or culture. This method also proposes trained leg, serious play facilitators.

To fully obtain the ideas, imagination, and insight available in the organization, this process taps into different human abilities that help them imagine and describe the business to bring in improvement and change and build something radically unique and fresh.


 This technique is facilitated and it unhooks the potential of participants at the workshop

  • Lego serious play is about building models by utilizing lego bricks to solve complex issues.
  • This technique has a foundation founded on a vigorous theory set. The lego group has designed it originally.
  • All workshops are designed for group processes around a fairly restricted number of substantial core concepts. These modules are configured in many ways. They aim at meeting your needs. These workshop methodology and materials vary with a different duration and number of partakers that depend on the subject. A single full-day session can be effective enough. A short session can last anywhere between 3 to 4 hours. The longest session can extend to a maximum of three days though.
  • Both private and public organizations utilize the lego serious play technique to unlock the potential of the employees. It is used to encourage participation by everyone, who commits and contributes to finding solutions.
  • The workshop’s primary focus is to help develop strategies and face challenging issues.

Lego building helps the spatial ability to envision and build 3D objects. A lot of studies have proved that there is improvement in spatial reasoning too. A few other benefits include improved social skills, teamwork, language and communication skills, problem-solving, experimentation, creativity, enhanced confidence and perseverance.